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natural, organic, vegan, and kosher botanical oils with zero artificial additives & preservatives go into the making our Dermaliquid™


Made in USA

Hand-crafted in California with L.I.F.E. – Love. Integrity. Freedom. Empowerment.


We ♥ animals. No animal testing and no animal ingredients.


Dermaliquid™  Inspired by Lifestyles Of Health and Sustainability

DERMALIQUID™ ORGANIC Detoxifying Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay

Relax, Refresh, Renew by using LIP INK® DERMALIQUID ORGANIC Detoxifying Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay for Bath & Body use
Clay is renowned to have many uses in promoting health in plants, animals and people. Pure Calcium Bentonite, as well as other types of healing clays, has been used in indigenous cultures since before recorded history.

DERMALIQUID™ Lip Care Spa Treatment

LIP INK® Lip Smoothe Scrub, with Macadamia Nut Oil, “the closest natural oil to our own skin’s oil” and natural Banana flavor combined with natural sea salt will exfoliate, smoothe and renew your lips while the Plant protein Peptides build collagen tissue for fuller, more defined lips. With an increased blood flow, your lips should appear rosy pink, plump, soft, polished with a dewy fresh smoothe finish.


Dermaliquid™ Hair Care Protein Treatment


Hair Protein Hair Care Treatment can be used with any hair style or color. Made with all natural ingredients for hair restoration.


LIP INK Fragrance Collection
L.I.F.E. = Love, Integrity, Freedom & Empowerment

Love– A light powdery floral scent with notes of Rose an Jasmine from natural essential oils. This handcrafted limited edition fragrance oil is perfect for the day and night.

Integrity – A warm citrus scent accented with notes of Pine, Lemongrass and Juniper Berry. This handcrafted limited edition fragrance oil is perfect for day and can be worn by both men and women

Freedom – Revel in a Forest of Bergamot and Balsam Peru – warm natural and woodsy. This handcrafted limited edition fragrance oil is perfect for day and can be worn by both men and women

Empowerment – A fresh desert floral scent with notes of Myrrh and Cedar wood- This handcrafted limited edition fragrance oil is perfect for day and can be worn by both men and women.


100% Smearproof Waterproof Tattoo, Bruise & Scar Cover-Up

Cover up a tattoo, bruise or scar instantly with LIP INK® Instant Cover-Up, that is safe to wear 24/7 plus it is 100% Smearproof. The five LIP INK® natural mineral powders are excellent to veil any tattoo, bruises, or scars by camouflaging it to match your skin while the LIP INK® Color Clear acts as a perfect sealer by encapsulating the mineral powders, making it smear-proof, long lasting, and waterproof, ensuring that it doesn’t go anywhere.. Create a variety of shades to match your skin tone and wear it with confidence, knowing that your little secret is safe with LIP INK® Instant Tattoo, Bruise and Scar Cover-up.


Coastal Eddy Essential Oil Floral Fragrance

Coastal Eddy, a Unisex fragrance spray . strong ocean currents spinning with a warm wind, sea breeze carrying the trade wind florals across the splashing swirling waves. A fragrance that wakes you up to a sunrise moment in time to feel and smell the moist air currents stirred from the kelp beds @ the ocean floor of the Pacific Ocean coastline. EDDY is here to experience as often as you like. Inspired by the geological weather phenomenon known as a “Coastal Eddy”