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Dermaliquid Personal care products for both men and women

If you truly believe that beauty comes from within, then you  already know that you need to take care of your body. Your body is your best friend. It stays with your  entire life.  The older you get the more you can understand what I am saying.  Some people take better care of their cell phone, cars and computers before they pay attention to themselves. We all have to start some ware. Personal care includes the mind, body and soul connection. What finer way to begin your journey than a peaceful  detoxifying pure calcium bentonite clay bath. Deamaliquid  Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay contains the highest negative ionic surface charge for pulling positively charged toxins out of the skin, removing the metals that are taken in from the water, food and air we breathe.  Follow your bath with essential oils. Lavender is my first choice it is calming and rejuvenating at the same time, lavender also can be made into tea. Follow your bliss but don’t forget to take care of your body.

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