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LIP-INK® International Solves the Problems of the bad Tattoos, Bruises, and Scars with its Guaranteed Semi-Permanent® 24-7Coverup

With the spawning of the tattoo era coming toward us in full force, along with a younger generation getting inked, the desire of covering up a few of those embarrassing tattoos is only inevitable. After fifteen years of innovative green technology, LIP-INK® International is able to launch its multi-patented, long lasting, waterproof, Smear-Proof 24-7 Coverup. With five different shades of LIP-INK® Mineral Powders along with the LIP-INK® Color in “Clear,” LIP-INK® 24-7 Coverup is able cover any tattoos, bruises, or scars while creating a natural and flawless look without the worry of the product coming off or smearing.


As the trek for natural, organic, vegan, kosher, patented and smear-proof products for the lips, eyes, face, brows, and lashes continues, LIP-INK® is now expanding its product line to not just being able to create semi-permanent looks, but semi-permanently mask them as well. Swim, sweat, rub or scratch, LIP-INK® Semi-Permanent® 24-7Coverup is able to encapsulate the minerals until it is intentionally removed.


Created by LIP-INK®‘s very own “Lip Diva” Rose Nichols, LIP-INK® Semi-Permanent® 24-7Coverup is now ready to help the public keep any unwanted tattoos, bruises, and scars a secret. LIP-INK® International is excited to open their doors to welcome a wider audience and introduce them to a new kind of beauty that comes along with a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

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